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Effective & Non-Invasive Treatment of Hemorrhoids

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Sclerotherapy might be considered when hemorrhoids are not severe or if the patient is unable to have surgical removal.

Sclerotherpay has a high success rate. This procedure may help to shrink a hemorrhoid through the use of a sclerosant or chemical irritant. The tissue hardens and the blood supply to the hemorrhoid is restricted. Eventually, the hemorrhoid will fall off. A smooth scar is left in its place which can act to prevent future hemorrhoids in the area.

Not all hemorrhoids can be treated in this manner. It is best for those within the rectum that are smaller. The hemorrhoid should not be prolapsed. In most cases, this is not performed on external hemorrhoids.


The doctor will examine the hemorrhoids and the surrounding area. This helps to determine if the patient’s hemorrhoids qualify for sclerotherapy. The doctor also typically reviews the patient’s medical history, previous hemorrhoid treatment, medications, and allergies. Those taking blood thinners might need to have a dose adjustment or temporarily refrain from using the medication short-term prior to the procedure to reduce the risk of bleeding. Patients should not apply lotions or other topical products to the area around their hemorrhoids before the procedure.

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Anesthesia is generally not used for this procedure. It takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes to complete but may take longer if multiple hemorrhoids are being treated. The patient will be asked to lie in a position that makes the hemorrhoids easiest to access. The area being injected is identified and properly cleaned. The sclerosant is drawn up into a syringe and the doctor injects it into the hemorrhoids being treated. It is possible for patients to experience minor cramps or stinging at the injection site. This discomfort should not be especially bothersome. Once the needle is withdrawn, the doctor generally places a compression bandage on the area. This helps to ensure that the solution is dispersed. They may also gently massage the area to further disperse the solution. How many injections are used ultimately depends on the size of the hemorrhoid and how many are being treated.

Recovery and Possible Risks

Following the procedure, patients usually are able to start moving around and can go home the same day. There might be a bandage on the areas where the hemorrhoids were injected. The doctor will provide full instructions concerning how to clean and care for the area. For about two weeks, patients might be advised to avoid strenuous activity. This procedure is considered to be safe and noninvasive. Patients may experience some bruising, minor pain and redness at the site of the injection. While uncommon, it is also possible to have an allergic reaction to the sclerosant.

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