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Grade 1 Orange County Hemorrhoid
Grade 4

The most severe type, Grade 4 hemorrhoids cause discharge and bleeding. They can also lead to tissue damage.

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Grade 4 Orange County Hemorrhoid
Grade 1

Grade 1 hemorrhoids might bleed, but they remain internal.

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Grade 2 Orange County Hemorrhoid
Grade 2

Grade 2 hemorrhoids may begin to extend out of the anus (also known as prolapse).

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Grade 3 Orange County Hemorrhoid
Grade 3

Prolapse is possible if there is straining. Typically, Grade 3 hemorrhoids result in discomfort and bleeding.

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Are these symptoms familiar?

You might experience pain or discomfort while sitting or while using the bathroom.
You may notice blood on toilet paper when you wipe, or in your stool.
Swelling, along with pain, may be experienced around the rectum.

Treatment Options

Heat Energy Therapy

Heat energy therapy is a cutting-edge treatment. It minimizes blood flow to the affected area with the use of low-energy heat.

THD Treatment

With THD treatment, inflammation is reduced through the use of a doppler, which stops blood flow.

Rubber Band Ligation

A common treatment, rubber band ligation involves cutting off the blood flow to the hemorrhoid.

Gene Syn, M.D. Colorectral Surgeon

Dr. Gene Syn is a general surgery specialist in California. He obtained his medical degree at the University of California School of Medicine, Los Angeles. He specializes in colorectal surgery.

Providing state-of-the-art therapies and procedures in Orange County, CA, our goal is to help you schedule an appointment with our hemorrhoid clinic as soon as possible. With our dedicated team and knowledgeable hemorrhoid surgeon, we can help you find comfort so that you can return to daily life. Contact our hemorrhoid specialist doctor today.

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Kevin Burns, M.D. Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment Specialist

Dr. Burns is a board-certified interventional radiologist with a distinct focus on IR Hemorrhoid treatment. He has pioneered minimally invasive approaches to hemorrhoid care, offering patients a highly effective alternative to traditional surgical methods.

Specializing exclusively in image-guided procedures, Dr. Burns is an authority in IR Hemorrhoid treatment, a field where he has employed advanced techniques to ensure patient comfort and rapid recovery. His expertise in this area sets him apart as a leading choice for individuals seeking less invasive solutions for hemorrhoid management.

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At your appointment at our hemorrhoid clinic, you'll receive compassion and a treatment plan tailored to you by an experienced hemorrhoid specialist doctor. At our Orange County, CA center, we seek to make sure that all patients receive fast and thorough care in order to experience relief and minimize the risks of developing hemorrhoids again. With the care of a hemorrhoid surgeon at our clinic, we can get you back to daily activities pain-free.

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    At Orange County Hemorrhoid Clinic, we are committed to providing you with rapid relief from hemorrhoids and related ailments. Get compassionate care that involves the latest in surgical techniques for fast recovery.

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