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An abscess can cause a variety of complications if you don't treat it quickly, which is why it's important to know how to treat the issue once it's developed.

There are many types of bumps that can appear on the skin for seemingly no reason at all. These bumps can appear to be white, red, or clear in color. While some of these bumps can be relatively harmless, others indicate a more serious underlying condition.

One severe type of bump is a skin abscess, which can appear anywhere on the body but is particularly common around the anus or buttocks.

What Is An Abscess?

An abscess is a type of bump that appears inside or below the surface of the skin. These bumps are commonly filled with some sort of fluid or pus and are commonly caused by a bacterial infection. The infected cavity can be located on the rectum or anus. Nearly all abscesses in this area occur because of an infection that developed within the internal glands of the anus. It's possible for fecal matter or bacteria to clog one of the glands in the anus, which will invariably become an abscess. Among the most common complications that occurs when an abscess is left untreated is the development of a fistula. Some of the complications pertaining to an abscess can be life-threatening, which is why treatment is so important.

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Main Causes of Abscess

IAn abscess is usually caused by some for of bacterial infection in and around the anal glands. When bacteria or fecal matter enters into the gland and clogs it, this foreign matter will eventually tunnel further into the surrounding tissues, which is where a cavity can develop and an abscess can form. You have a higher chance of suffering from a bacterial infection if you have close contact with another individual who is suffering from an infection or you suffer from some type of chronic skin disease, which could be anything from eczema to acne. A weak immune system and certain conditions like diabetes also heighten the risk of a bacterial infection that leads to an abscess.

How to Identify An Abscess

If you're suffering from an abscess, it will likely appear as a bump on the skin that looks very similar to a pimple. This bump can grow over a short period of time, which is what differentiates it from other bumps. The symptoms that come with an abscess include swelling, nausea, a fever, chills, and inflamed skin. You might also experience some pain and discomfort on the skin surrounding the abscess.

Treatment Options to Keep In Mind

In the majority of cases, a small surgery will be performed to drain the abscess and facilitate the healing process. The incision will be made nearby the abscess. You should be provided with some anesthesia before any incisions are made. The drainage of the abscess should only take a short period of time. Once the abscess has been drained, the incisions will be fully closed and the recovery process can begin.

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