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Hemorrhoids are characterized by a group of dilated blood vessels.
Yes. In addition to being either internal or external, they are also categorized by grades 1-4, based on severity. Additionally, they can be categorized as thrombosed. This means that bleeding is occurring under the skin.
Possible symptoms of hemorrhoids include hard lumps near the anus, rectal bleeding, general anal pain, and pain during bowel movements.
Hemorrhoids develop due to pressure on the rectal veins. This results in bulging. You may be at risk of hemorrhoids if you are pregnant, strain during bowel movements, spend a lot of time on the toilet, or suffer from chronic constipation.
You can help to lower your risk of developing hemorrhoids by drinking plenty of water and eating a fiber-rich diet. However, it is important to note that not all instances of hemorrhoids can be prevented.
Not all patients need surgery for hemorrhoids. In many cases, a minimally-invasive treatment option is successful. Whether or not surgery is needed can depend on the severity of the hemorrhoids and where exactly they are located. Your doctor will be sure to suggest the most effective treatment method possible for your situation.