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Effective Hemorrhoid Treatment Without Going Under The Knife

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A non-invasive treatment option for hemorrhoids.

HET™, also known as heat energy therapy, is a state-of-the-art treatment for hemorrhoids. It is popular among patients who are looking for hemorrhoid treatment but want to avoid a surgical procedure. Heat energy therapy:

  • Requires just one session
  • Allows patients to return to normal daily activities immediately

Who is a Candidate?

Heat energy therapy is typically reserved for patients with internal grade 1 and 2 hemorrhoids.This means that patients with more severe hemorrhoids may not have success. If your typical symptoms include anal itching or discomfort, bleeding during bowel movements, or anal prolapse, then heat energy therapy may be a solution for you.

Understanding Heat Energy Therapy

Light anesthesia is used during the HET™ treatment. In order to minimize blood flow to the area, and subsequently reduce inflammation that contributes to hemorrhoids, a low-grade heat energy is administered to the area directly next to the hemorrhoids.

The treatment takes only a few minutes, and can target multiple hemorrhoids at once. Only one session is needed, and most patients do not feel any pain (or only minor pain). Since such low-grade heat energy is used, the risk of nearby collateral tissue damage is minimized.

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Recovering from Heat Energy Therapy

Since this treatment is so minimally-invasive, patients can return to their regular daily activities right after heat energy therapy. Many patients even return to work the same day. In most cases, there is no pain or discomfort experienced following the gentle treatment.

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