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A minimally-invasive option for hemorrhoid removal.

Transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization, also known as THD, is a hemorrhoid treatment that uses a doppler in order to restrict blood flow to hemorrhoids.

  • THD does not involve the removal of any tissue
  • The procedure takes only approximately 20 minutes

How THD Treatment Works

During the treatment, an anoscope (a small, surgical tool) is used along with a doppler in order to locate the end branches of hemorrhoidal arteries.

Next, a suture ligation is usedin order to tie off blood flow to the hemorrhoid. Since blood is no longer able to flow to the hemorrhoid and the intact vein allows for blood to flow out, the hemorrhoid shrinks.

The sutures are absorbed by the body after the procedure, and any pain experienced during recovery is minimal. Patients are able to return to their normal activities and workplaces quickly, since no tissue removal is involved. The treated areas will be normal in a couple of months' time, and recovery is dependent on following the doctor's instructions (which can include drinking plenty of water and eating foods high in fiber).

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Candidates for THD

Studies show that THD is one of the most effective treatments for hemorrhoids and is a safe procedure when accurately performed.Candidates for the procedure have internal hemorrhoids and are suffering from symptoms without finding any relief from more conservative treatment options.

It's thought that 50% of Americans will suffer from hemorrhoids at one point in their lives. For this reason, minimally-invasive treatment options like THD are valuable for patients.

THD ProctoStation

A new, versatile solution for high-resolution THD is the ProctoStation by Balmer Medical. With its compact design and integrated camera system, the machine is more adjustable to your position as a patient. The instrument produces high definition images of the anal canal with its combination of a high performance computer and an HD camera. Ask your doctor about THD ProctoStation today for your THD treatment.


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