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Anal pain is described as pain around the rectum or anus, and it is not uncommon.

Those who experience anal pain should consult with their doctor. Once the right cause is determined, treatment can be initiated to improve your comfort.

Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid

This issue occurs when an external hemorrhoid develops a blood clot. When sitting, walking, or having a bowel movement, the patient may experience pain, especially when the clot is rather large. Patients might also notice bleeding with bowel movements, anal itching or swelling in the area. An external thrombectomy is the most common treatment option. This involves draining the clot via a small incision. Following the surgery, doctors might recommend a pain medication, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, to reduce any post-procedure pain.

Anal Fistula or Abscess

A fistula is described as a type of tunnel that occurs below the skin. It connects infected or clogged glands to an abscess. An abscess is a cavity that is infected. Both of these can cause pain and can occur in the anal area. Patients might also experience urinary issues, skin redness, rectal bleeding, swelling, fever, and drainage. Surgery is generally needed for a fistula or an abscess. The abscess is often drained and then if the fistula is minor, patients may undergo a fistulotomy.

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Anal Fissure

This issue is characterized by the moist tissue lining the anus developing a small tear. Passing large or hard stools may cause this. Pain after and during bowel movements is possible. Itching and noticeable blood following a bowel movement might also occur. Softening stools and sitz baths can usually help to promote healing within a few weeks. However, if the fissure persists, doctors might recommend more extensive treatments, such as a surgery referred to as an internal sphincterotomy.

Sexually Transmitted Disease

Anal pain can occur with a number of sexually transmitted disease, including chlamydia, HPV and warts, gonorrhea, herpes, and syphilis. The pain may only be present when having a bowel movement, but it can occur separately too. In addition to the pain, patients might also notice anal discharge, minor anal bleeding ,and itching when they have an STD. Oral or topical antibiotics are the general course of treatment. If anal warts are present, they may need to be removed.

Anal Cancer

Anal cancer is not common, but when it does occur, patients may experience anal pain, bleeding, or itching. A growth or mass in the anal canal may also be present. This cancer is often linked to the human papillomavirus (HPV). In most cases, treatment involves a combination of radiation and chemotherapy. In the early stages, surgery might be able to remove small tumors. In late stages, an abdominoperineal resection might be considered if other treatments fail. This is an extensive surgery that removes the rectum, the anal canal, and part of the colon.

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