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A hemorrhoid surgeon can provide you with the relief that you need.

Only a small percentage of hemorrhoids ever reach a point where surgery is required. However, if you are experiencing symptoms that include persistent pain and bleeding, it's time to see what a hemorrhoid surgeon in Orange County has to say. Scheduling a visit with a surgeon doesn't automatically mean surgery will be your only option. But if using topical medications, exploring home remedies, and controlling flare-ups by adding more fiber to your diet and upping your daily water consumption isn't helping, here are the surgical options that may be recommended.

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Banding Procedure

A hemorrhoid surgeon in Orange County often treats internal rectal irritations with a painless procedure known as rubber band ligation. Banding is done by cutting off the circulation to the swollen tissue with elastic bands. Patients may need to have two or more banding procedures spaced out over a month or so. Banding isn't recommended for patients on blood thinners for other conditions.


If blood thinners prevent you from having a banding procedure, you may benefit from this injection-based treatment. With sclerotherapy, a solution that shrinks the hemorrhoid and prevents it from bleeding is injected into the swollen tissue. Injection treatment is typically recommended for patients with small, internal hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid Surgeon in Orange County-Orange County Hemorrhoid Clinic

Hemorrhoid Surgeon in Orange County-Orange County Hemorrhoid Clinic

Infrared Photocoagulation

Also referred to as coagulation therapy, this treatment uses extreme cold, heat, or infrared light to shrink swollen tissues. A hemorrhoid surgeon in Orange County may perform this procedure with an anoscopy via the rectum to get a better view of the affected site.

Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization

With transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD), ultrasound is used to locate and close off blood vessels that supply hemorrhoidal tissues. THD may be recommended if an initial attempt at a banding procedure fails.


If larger external hemorrhoids or internal hemorrhoids protrude from the anus (prolapse), surgical removal (hemorrhoidectomy) may be the suggested treatment option. Removal surgery is usually closed in that the incision is sealed after removal. However, the wound may be left open if there is a high risk of infection. This is widely considered to be the most effective treatment for hemorrhoids since recurrence rates are low with complete removal.


An alternative to complete surgical removal of a hemorrhoid is a newer option known as a Hemorrhoidopexy. Also referred to as "stapling," hemorrhoidopexy can also be done with internal rectal veins that have prolapsed. During the procedure, a hemorrhoid surgeon in Orange County puts the affected tissue back in place with surgical staple device. Doing so cuts off the blood supply to the irritated tissue so that it's eventually absorbed by the body.

After being treated by a hemorrhoid surgeon in Orange County with any of the procedures discussed here, you'll likely experience temporary discomfort until the surgical site heals. Painkillers may be prescribed to improve comfort. Stool softeners can also minimize straining with bowel movements during the recovery period. Depending on the procedure performed, it may take a week or two to fully recover after treatment. Getting regular exercise, losing weight, and avoid heavy lifting or strenuous abdominal exercises may reduce the risk of recurrence.

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